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Stockholm: Part Boston, Part New York

copy-of-dsc03914Above ground, Stockholm reminds me of Boston, but beneath the surface, it is strictly New York. Now, you know I have a subway fetish, and Stockholm satisfied it. I took a ride on the public transportation today, and I was pretty impressed. There’s a nice mix of efficiency and design. This is probaby the most interesting subway system I’ve encountered.

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The genuine voice of America

You may not always like the message, but the voice is inextricably linked with one of protest and defiance. There is always something interesting going on right across the street from the White House, and whether you like what they’re saying or not, it’s democracy in action.

The protest I saw going on when I was in Washington, DC last seemed a bit over the top for me, but shine on you crazy diamond!!! Your practicing democracy; you’re not just talking about it!

I’m not a big fan of extremist positions, but I’d much rather they be heard than not. I do rely on the American people to soft between the nutjobs (like this guy) and rational political discourse. Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but let me have my fantasy.

National Zoo: Panda Porn

Like pandas? I do. I’m not sure why; they are living proof that man is trying to thwart evolution. Pandas clearly are too lazy/stupid/unevolved to be able to survive on their own. So, we help them. And, I like that.

This panda is standing on his head. Usually, they just sit around and do nothing, so I was pretty excited to see this one put on a show.

Tian Tian is walking around, happy as hell. He has a pretty good gig.

This is the box in which panda bear Ling Ling came to the United States.