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Ex-Google News, Bing Engineers Set Out To Build ‘Newspaper Of The Future’ (via TechCrunch)

Okay, I can absolutely get on board this (well, if I were an iPad user). Personalized, digital news … this is what the newspaper industry should be thinking.

Ex-Google News, Bing Engineers Set Out To Build 'Newspaper Of The Future' Delivering news digitally in a personalized manner is a nut many a startup – as well as many established Internet companies and publishers – are desperately trying to crack. A newly-founded Palo Alto startup called Hawthorne Labs is one of them. Today, the company released their first application, dubbed APOLLO, for the iPad (iTunes link – screenshots and video below). Their lofty ambition is to become the number one daily destination of top pers … Read More

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Indulge with Twitter Name Search

Do you love yourself? A lot? Hey, anyone who’s blogging, microblogging or doing any other sort of “see me!” stuff on the web, is at least a little guilty of this (draw your own conclusions about me, then multiply by three). Twitter‘s now making it easier to feed this lust for self-exploration in the social media space.

Twitter Starts Name Dropping In Search Results -- Huge For User Discovery Admit it, 99% of your Twitter searches are for vanity purposes. You do it, I do it, we all do it. And such a search revealed a potentially very useful and powerful new feature today. Twitter is now injecting name results into searches on when you do a regular search for a name. To be clear, Twitter has had a name search option for some time, but this is the first time they’ve put it front and center in the main tweet stream when you d … Read More

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TechCrunch TV: Speaking Of… Detroit, Featuring Scott and Jay Adelson (via TechCrunch)

I’m really enjoying this video interview series. Great stuff.

TechCrunch TV: Speaking Of... Detroit, Featuring Scott and Jay Adelson Guest post by Cyan Banister… I've met a lot of engineers and entrepreneurs from Detroit and there's an underlying vibe that resonates from all of them: a specific attitude or work ethic – possibly left over from the automotive industry – that either causes them to try to work harder than their fathers or go against the grain trying to figure out how they can live life to its fullest. As Jay Adelson takes his first break from work in 20 years, w … Read More

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AP Trolls for Traffic in TechCrunch E-mail

Seriously, why else would a news organization push an off-topic story to a blogger?

AP Not Amused By The Woot Story, Tries To Play The Oil Spill Card Oh those jokesters over at the AP — the fun never ends! Last night, we wrote a post noting that Woot was (humorously) calling out the AP for not following their own ridiculous rules when quoting from content. By Woot's calculation, using the AP tool, the AP owes them $17.50 (but Woot was nice enough to offer them the chance to buy some headphones off of Woot instead). The AP didn't like that story — neither our's or Woot's. This morning, Paul C … Read More

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New Theme: Koi (via News)

I’m always excited about new tools from WordPress.

New Theme: Koi Say hello to Koi, our newest theme. This light and colorful theme provides a beautiful framework for your site with delicate, hand-drawn illustrations and refined typography. The tasteful artwork featured in the header and footer are suggestive of koi, an ornamental fish often considered a symbol of love and friendship. [caption id="attachment_4724" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Example of Koi's layout showing the lovely … Read More

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WordPress Gives Us The VIP Treatment, Goes Down On Us Again (via TechCrunch)

The only way to describe this is … ouch. Anyway, I still love WordPress.

WordPress Gives Us The VIP Treatment, Goes Down On Us Again Well, that was fun. If you tried to access TechCrunch any time in the last hour or so, you probably noticed that it wasn't working at all. Instead, you were greeted by the overly cheery notice " will be back in a minute!" Had we written that message ourselves, there would have been significantly more profanity. The cause of the downtime is still being determined; we're waiting for more details from, the hosted blogging … Read More

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Are You Writing Rockin’ Blog Post Titles? (via Share the Word)

This is great advice on writing blog post headlines from the editorial guru at WordPress. It’s definitely worth reading a few times!

Are You Writing Rockin' Blog Post Titles? If you saw the blog post titles below, which would you want to click and read? "recipe for Last night's soup" "My Spicy, Dare-I-Say Sultry Tortilla Soup Recipe" and "Whale sharks and othr stuff" "I Swam With a Whale Shark, and It Blew My Mind" I could be wrong (seriously, it does happen sometimes) but I'm gonna guess that most of you would click the #2s and pass over the #1s.  These second titles are not only more informative but enticing. Sultry … Read More

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We All Like to Reblog (via News)

I love WordPress … in large part because it comes out with smart new features (you know, stuff I’d actually want). This is the latest, and I have to say: I’m blown away.

We All Like to Reblog Have you ever come across a blog post that you enjoyed so much you wanted to easily share it with the readers of your own blog? Sure, you can copy and paste the link and perhaps even a snippet of text with your own comments, but overall it's not a particularly enjoyable experience. We wanted to change this and make sharing other posts with your readers as easy as posting to your blog. Today we're introducing a new like and reblog feature enabled … Read More

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Blog versus reblog and the content supply chain

dsc029091Every blogger does a bit of both: originating some stories and coverign those written by others. The latter is not only easier but gives you access to news and reporting resources that you may not be able to marshal on your own. And, counter intuitively, reblogged stories can get plenty of play — in traffic and other reblogs and retweets. But, there’s still a certain value in developing your own original news. Doing so is easier than you may think. To pump up the amount of original content on your blog, go retro: press releases.

Many believe that press releases are passé, but these tools can be quite useful.

Think through the “reblog supply chain.” Except for hardcore reporting (of which we’re seeing less and less in general, everywhere), most traditional outlets do a lot from press releases. When you’re reblogging one of these stories, you’re unnecessarily giving props to a media outlet that really only did what you could do on your own. Because of the reblog, you’re making yourself look disproportionately dependent on other outlets.

Stop the madness!

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