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Valleywag Is Coming Back!

ValleywagI still haven’t forgotten the sting that came when Valleywag was folded into Gawker, at which point it began a slow, pitiful death. I was a big fan of the blog, which had an amazing contributor base. To a certain extent, I learned the basics of blogging (and more) from them. Well, Nick Denton tells Business Insider that Valleywag is coming back, and I couldn’t be more psyched.

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Are Content Businesses a Fool’s Endeavor?

I guess it really does suck to be a writer …

It’s pretty clear that this isn’t a road to riches. Traditional publications don’t pay hefty salaries, and it’s difficult to break into them. Freelance writing provides some opportunities for a solid living, if you know how to manage your personal business effectively, but you have to work at it. Starting your own business seems to be the only way to hit it big, but this isn’t exactly news. It’s one of the few ways one can generate real wealth. For writers, however, even this angle may be inherently constrained.

Two recent news stories got my attention and made me think about this.

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Day One with the new Valleywag

valleywag1Well, I was nervous about yesterday. Valleywag was cut down to one staffer, and I got ready for the site to suck. I mean, that’s what happens when you axe your entire staff except one and fold it into another publication as a column. I read Valleywag yesterday — at Valleywag.com, not on Gawker.com — and the coverage hasn’t suffered.

So, mad props to Owen Thomas. To the rest, you’re still missed.

Gawker published my layoff story!


No names, but this rock looks alarmingly familiar

I got the boot from a major consulting firm during the first dotcom meltdown. I won’t name the company, but I went on to work there a total of three times, and it has a green dot in its logo (hint, hint).

Gawker was looking for tales of layoff woe, and mine was brutal, particularly for me. So, check out the horror stories on Gawker and try to figure out which one was mine (yet another hint, moron). I don’t think it was the worst they’ve published, but I definitely wouldn’t want to revisit the situation.

To all of you out there looking, best of luck. To all of you working, I hope I don’t see you on Gawker any time soon (at least not for this reason).

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Migrant Blogger on ValleyWag: Leading Hotels of the World

Remember my story on Leading Hotels of the World this weekend? Well, it got some love from the good folks at ValleyWag. I’m pretty psyched about this. I’m starting to run ValleyWag-, Fleshbot- and Gawker-caliber stories on my blog. So, let the fame roll in. Cash would be better.

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Again “Commenter of the Day” on ValleyWag

I know it’s meaningless, but it’s still fun. I’m addicted to ValleyWag commenting, even more than I am to the other Gawker blogs. Well, today I picked up “Commenter of the Day” props on ValleyWag for a nice crack I made about the kid who hacked hopeful Veep Sarah Palin’s Yahoo! Mail account. A judge released the kid without bail, but forbade him to “own a computer or to use the Internet for anything other than email and classwork.” Well, I found two problems with this decision:


1. He can use the internet for e-mail. Did the judge specify whose account?
2. His next assignment for school: how to screw up a candidate’s vice presidential hopes and dreams.

And for that, I get asshole of the day respect.

Kinda, almost made Gawker today

Well, I didn’t exactly make Gawker today, but an article that quotes me did get picked up. I was interviewed for a piece in Health.com about smoking habits following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and my favorite smoke shop, De La Concha, got a great mention in the piece, as well.

I was hoping that De La Concha would get mentioned in the Gawker article on this, but alas, my friends didn’t get the nod. Maybe next time.

If nothing else, I hope this piece does drive more traffic to the article on Health.com, which in turn gets De La Concha a bit more play in front of consumers. Also, I have pitches in to a few other blogs, so my fingers are crossed that this will take off.

The economy must be in trouble

Don’t bother to read the other headlines; Gawker has rendered them superfluous. In light of concerns about mortgages, banks and savings accounts, MTV has taken the drastic step of killing Total Request Live.

I understand that times are hard– and that we all have to tighten our belts. We have to make sacrifices. After all, we are all responsible for the stability of the financial system.

Gawker Coverage of North Korea

Okay, I follow North Korea the way most people in my neighborhood follow the NY Jets. So, I was pretty excited to see recent extensive coverage of the DPRK on Gawker, including some great campaign posters. Check out the links to interesting articles below, and some cool propaganda.

Gawker: Pyongyang: “The Alcatraz of Fun”

Gawker: Getting Your (Random Ass) Media Outlet Into North Korea

Washington Post: My Excellent North Korean Adventure

New Yorker: Our Man in Pyongyang

New Yorker: The Reluctant Communist

OhmyNews: The Reluctant Communist

Source: Gawker.com

Source: Gawker.com


Source: TraderDaily.com