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First Travel Pitch out the Door

dsc03006Okay, first let me thank my new fellow travel writer D., who has offered to let me contribute to his blog. I am absolutely taking him up on it. It will help keep me sharp through the hunt. You know how I am: “The best writers are like professional athletes. You have to work out every day.”

Hey, D: thanks for giving me a summer training camp.

Don’t get me wrong. If all goes well with D., I’ll contribute regularly even after I get back into the mainstream travel media game. It’s never been about impressive mastheads with me. I just love to cover travel. He has a cool blog, so I’m in. More details when I get ’em.

Also, I sent out my first pitch for a travel column a few minutes ago. I’m optimistic. I’ll have a few more going out later.

For Sentimental Reasons …

goherenowI filed a short piece on travel to Scotland yesterday for TraderDaily.com‘s daily travel update, which is how I found out my column has been banished to limbo. Since it’s unlikely that this piece will see the light of day for a long time, if ever, I’m running it here. Shed a tear for my column, and give this very brief update a read.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back on the hunt tomorrow.

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I’m way behind on Scotland stories

Photo by Bryce Longton

Photo by Bryce Longton

Well, I didn’t get a chance to blog much last night, but I’ll get to that. I’ll get to a whole lot more now that my travel column for Trader and Dealmaker is being suspended for several months thanks to the turmoil in the publishing industry. My best to all who’ve been laid off, wherever they were writing. So, here I am, the traveling travel writer without a travel column. Fortunately, I might have found a home for my big story on this trip, so fingers crossed.

After the jump, learn more about my adventures over the past two days.

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Scotland: Day 2

dsc04067The Andeonaig sings to my fucking soul. I’m in my own cottage, sitting on the patio with a cigar, listening to a small river run by. The room/cottage is nothing short of perfect … except for the lack of an internet connection (I’m posting after having written yesterday). So, for now, I’m reconnecting with my fountain pen, still my favorite way to write.

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Crazy Signs You’re in Scotland


dsc03980Okay, my fetish for crazy foreign signs is pretty well-documented on the Migrant Blogger. Well, it didn’t take long for me to find a handful in Scotland. Seriously. My first destination (after the hotel) was a small farmers’ market in Edinburgh. I found more than enough to keep me busy there, but as I walked around town a bit, I learned that this fine city is absolute gold when it comes to crazy street signs.

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Check out Montreal

My latest TraderDaily.com travel article has been posted. I had an absolute blast when I was up there last month, and I look forward to going again soon.

J’aime la Montreal!

So, take a look at the article on traveling to Montreal, then book a quick trip up there. If you’re in Boston or New York, Montreal isn’t too far up north.

While you’re up there, go grab a hot dog. They have decent dogs at the pool hall (there aren’t any pool tables there any more, just hot dogs) on St Denis. That’s exactly what I’m doing in the picture.

With fall coming, you probably think it will be cold as hell up there. You’d be absolutely wrong. Don’t think; let me do that for you. It’s beautiful up there well into October and probably into November. The air is nice and crisp.

Read about Montreal on TraderDaily.com >>

Read about Montreal on the Migrant Blogger >>

Check out my hotel in Hollywood, FL

I wasn’t looking forward to Hollywood, Fl. But, I have to admit, the hotel, the Westin Diplomat, is excellent. Not only do they have bathrobes here, but the room itself is amazing. It is quite large, and there is a bathroom area (not including the toilet) that opens into the bedroom. The bathtub is almost impressive. I haven’t been onto the balcony yet. It’s on the 30th floor and has a great few, but I can get the view without stepping onto it. I’m not crazy about heights, so I’ll pass on putting my life at risk.

I suspect this place will get a good review from me on TripAdvisor, but I’m not planning to say anything nice about the restaurant. The food was decent, but the service was absolutely awful. It took forever for someone to take my order. Much later, when they realized how pissed I was, the service improved, but the waiter seemed to be overcomensating.

Yeah, it looks like I’ve been busy

I’ve had several new articles come out in the past 24 hours. But, they were written over the last two months. So, it looks like I’m much more productive than I really am. It turns out trader published a good chunk of the articles I submitted. So, I guess they won’t be weekly after all. Check out the following on TraderDaily.com:

Crack in the Continents (Iceland) >>

Push Yourself into Tight Spaces (Bonaire) >>

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Face-to-Face with a Polar Bear (Canada) >>

Also, I have a new article out on Nelson Diaz’s $1 art auction “grand experiment.” You can check it out at DigitalJournal.com >>

My first travel article is up!!!

I’m so excited!!! My first travel article is up on TraderDaily.com. If you ever wanted to go to Iraq on vacation, check it out to learn how. Many thanks to Helpareporter.com for helping me find great sources, and props to Brian Sayler for the photography.

A new article will appear every week, and I have some great destinations coming up soon, including the place I checked out in Florida when JetBlue screwed me over.