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I’m generally easy to find. First, I would suggest looking for me at De La Concha. My publicist knows where that is, but fortunately, she understands the value of discretion. Next, you may look for me on my stoop on the Upper West Side. But, if somebody is sitting there already, then you’ll find me sitting on a bench on Central Park West. Occasionally, you’ll find me in Madison Square Park.

Once you’re in the right neighborhood, follow your nose. The cigar smoke will give up my location. It does every time. Of course, I know that not everyone is interested in tracking me down for a face-to-face. I understand that and appreciate it. I’m buys; you’re busy. There has to be an easier way. To make life a bit easier, you can hit me up at:




6 thoughts on “Contact the Migrant Blogger

  1. writer44

    If you wrote for Penthouse you might like to check out this book: An Island Away by Daniel Putkowski. Found it on Amazon. It is a novel but about the skin trade on the island of Aruba. Forget Natalie Holloway. There is a red light district down there that isn’t to be missed. It gets inside the heads of the girls from Colombia, the expats, and the locals. Some fun spots in the book but this one doesn’t hold back about the hookers.

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  3. Migrant Blogger Fan

    Your wife sounds like a “keeper”. Make sure that you take it easy with her, it sounds like she puts up with a lot!! I hope that you appreciate her as much as she deserves.

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  5. Shelley

    Hey, I’m not sure that this is the correct place to comment/advise on your blog regarding bad waitstaff/service at Citrus or elsewhere…..just a bit of advise gleened from my husband’s long career of dealing w/ the restaurant and foodservice industry. Never, never, NEVER, EVER!!!!!! criticize anyone while there’s still a chance that they will continue to bring you food and/or drink. Wait until no further food/drink will touch your lips to be critical. It is beyond disgusting to hear what goes on “behind the scenes” to retaliate against negative customers w/further “revisions” to upcoming foodstuffs/beverages.


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