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The writing on the wall

dsc04513My guide, Mustafa, was incredibly helpful. In addition to keeping me from getting hopelessly lost, he was able to explain the subtleties of Marrakech to me. I saw what looked like rather organized graffiti and asked the obvious question: “What does it mean?”

Apparently, it’s political. And, it’s not really graffiti.

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Let’s Start to Like McCain Again

Paste Magazine

Source: Paste Magazine

Now that the election is over, I’d like to start liking John McCain again. I don’t share the man’s politics … not at all. I mean the man, not the role or the ideas. I didn’t like him as a candidate, and I’m happy he is not going to be our president. But, he’s done some great things for our country, and I’d like to focus on that again, for no other reason than his contributions. His service is no reason to make him president, but it does deserve our thanks and respect.

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My favorite election-related “tweet”

twitter_logo_sI love Twitter, though not nearly as much as one of my day job colleagues. During major news events, there is always a flurry of “tweeting” (i.e., using Twitter), and the election, of course, was no exception. My favorite from the election run was by Alaska Miller, a contributor to ValleyWag, which regular Migrant Blogger readers know is one of my favorite blogs. Get his thoughts after the jump.

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Palin for Abortion?

Call the folks in the white coats

Call the folks in the white coats

The poor veep hopeful just can’t get it right. When asked where her vote went in the Alaska senate race — in particular, if she supported the disgraced Sen. Ted Stevens — Sarah Palin replied, “I am also exercising my right to privacy, and I don’t have to tell anybody who I vote for, nobody does, and that’s really cool about America.”

I didn’t know she had a right to “privacy,” at least, that’s what those in her party would say. The right to privacy is fundamental to Roe v Wade, and it is typically code for being pro-choice.

So, has Sarah had a change of heart?

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