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Palin for Abortion?

Call the folks in the white coats

Call the folks in the white coats

The poor veep hopeful just can’t get it right. When asked where her vote went in the Alaska senate race — in particular, if she supported the disgraced Sen. Ted Stevens — Sarah Palin replied, “I am also exercising my right to privacy, and I don’t have to tell anybody who I vote for, nobody does, and that’s really cool about America.”

I didn’t know she had a right to “privacy,” at least, that’s what those in her party would say. The right to privacy is fundamental to Roe v Wade, and it is typically code for being pro-choice.

So, has Sarah had a change of heart?

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Sarah Palin Wants to Help Me

tomwritingcigar2Interviewed at her polling place, the veep hopeful cited the media when asked if she had any regrets about her campaign. I, for one, am happy to have the assistance of such a great political mind. After all, that’s what journalism needs: more guidance from politicians. So, I invite Sarah Palin to call or e-mail me at any time. I would appreciate her time, her advice and her commitment.

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Again “Commenter of the Day” on ValleyWag

I know it’s meaningless, but it’s still fun. I’m addicted to ValleyWag commenting, even more than I am to the other Gawker blogs. Well, today I picked up “Commenter of the Day” props on ValleyWag for a nice crack I made about the kid who hacked hopeful Veep Sarah Palin’s Yahoo! Mail account. A judge released the kid without bail, but forbade him to “own a computer or to use the Internet for anything other than email and classwork.” Well, I found two problems with this decision:


1. He can use the internet for e-mail. Did the judge specify whose account?
2. His next assignment for school: how to screw up a candidate’s vice presidential hopes and dreams.

And for that, I get asshole of the day respect.

This is pretty clever

I love seeing how journalists try to differentiate themselves during an election. Press conferences and media strategies usually keep any one reporter from getting an exclusive, so it’s a bit harder to make yourself stand out. The “story” below is an admirable effort.

Source: Prose Before Hose