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A big bowl of dumbass

Photo by Bryce Longton

Photo by Bryce Longton

I’ve been out of the army for close to 10 years, but every now and then, I see something that whisks me back in time. Today was one of those days.  Sorry, I won’t name names or provide descriptions. I won’t even tell you what the gump did. But, I can tell you about the memory it provoked.

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MSNBC Loves Me

dsc03965I was interviewed a week and a half or so ago about the use of Twitter in the travel business. The story is now out on MSNBC! I was quoted about how to use Twitter effectively. Mine was the first tip.

At one point, it looked like I was going to get to use my story about how I helped a friend, Zivity‘s Cyan Banister, find a hotel room when she was in a jam … all via Twitter. But, there was something about a plane landing on the Hudson River which kinda took over the story.

Unflattering Photos

It's me, looking at ... um, yeah

It's me, looking at ... um, yeah

Don’t you hate it when an article runs with a photo of you, and the photo selected absolutely sucks? Whether it highlights your worst features, catches you looking like a retard or is fucked up in some other manner, you look like a moron in front of the world. Well, that happened to me today.

In my latest post for Gadling, AOL’s travel blog, I ran a photo with my article. So, if you read about trends in European online travel booking, you’ll get a great spot of a bald spot.

Who did I embarass with this artwork? Well, me. I figure if I can do it to other people (and I have), at least now I can tell them that I’m an equal opportunity offender.

Prince Albert Comeback

n676709308_217918_1091My open letter to Prince Albert II of Monaco is back! The short humor piece I wrote for Cynic Mag earlier this year has been selected as one of the top pieces of 2008. And, all I had to do was sit back and scratch my ass … no effort! It was a fun article to write, and I’m glad (and surprised) to see that it’s still getting props.

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Fight the Anti-Tobacco Power!

exp00055For once, cigar smokers can vote YES!!! Help continue the spirit of “hope” and “change” that is coming to Washington by signing a petition in support of the Tobacconist Preservation Act. So far, we have 97 signatures, which is a long way off from our goal of 1 million. Do your part, and then spread the world. Let’s help preserve what few rights we have left.