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Are Content Businesses a Fool’s Endeavor?

I guess it really does suck to be a writer …

It’s pretty clear that this isn’t a road to riches. Traditional publications don’t pay hefty salaries, and it’s difficult to break into them. Freelance writing provides some opportunities for a solid living, if you know how to manage your personal business effectively, but you have to work at it. Starting your own business seems to be the only way to hit it big, but this isn’t exactly news. It’s one of the few ways one can generate real wealth. For writers, however, even this angle may be inherently constrained.

Two recent news stories got my attention and made me think about this.

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TechCrunch TV: Speaking Of… Hustling (via TechCrunch)

I’m really digging the new video from Cyan of Zivity and TechCrunch. It’s cool to get this kind of perspective on the challenges entrepreneurs face. I’m getting ready to jump back into the fray, so I have to admit, I saw this video at the right time.

TechCrunch TV: Speaking Of... Hustling Cyan Banister is CEO of Zivity. The first episode of her new show, ‘Speaking of…’ has just aired on TechCrunch TV and is now available on demand. In this guest post, she previews the first episode, and explains the concept for the show… I’m extremely excited to bring the TechCrunch community a new show that features the human side of business.  Speaking Of… explores the side of entrepreneurs you’ve never seen before. It’s an organic show th … Read More

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I hate my blackberry

copy-of-dsc011385I went to the Apple store yesterday to buy an iPhone. I need a new phone, because my fucking blackberry’s scroll wheel has given up only a year and a half after I bought it. So, I’m sick of this piece of shit (on which I effectively can’t read e-mail, since I can’t scroll), and I want a new phone. But, those pricks at AT&T Wireless won’t let me take advantage of the discount on the iPhone (which translates to $200 savings) until the middle of December. So, I have to suffer until then. Fortunately, I’ll be out of the country for two weeks, which makes the problems with my phone moot.

After the jump, see why I’m moving to the iPhone.

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