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My hotel in Madrid

I spent my two nights in Madrid at the Hotel Catalonia Gaudi. I loved the place, but will save the details for Gadling. But, I can reveal that the room was comfortable and had a kickass balcony. The service was top-notch, and I could smoke cigars in the lobby. What else is there?

[Pictures after the jump]

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Hot dogs in Madrid

dsc04319Okay, if you read my work, you know that I love hot dogs and that I seek them out when I’m in a foreign country. Well, after a day in Marrakech, it doesn’t look good for the hunt, but I can tell you about the dog I had in Madrid on Sunday. It was decent, rating behind Stockholm and Reykjavik, but still better than most outer borough street vendors.

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On vacation … great time so far

dsc04279Sorry I haven’t been checking in, everyone. I’m on vacation after a hectic pace at day job, and I’m trying to enjoy my time on the road. Also, I just had one of my Gadling stories picked up on the AOL.com home page, so I’ve had to review more than 300 comments about a story that involves fat people on airplanes. But, now I’m situated in Marrakech (after a two flights and two days in Madrid), and I’m ready to do some recreational writing and post some pictures.

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