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Goldman says sorry, ponies up $500 million for small businesses

For its role in the global financial crisis, which had an impact of several trillion dollars, Goldman Sachs feels just awful. The incredibly prestigious bank, one of the few to come through the market mayhem looking pretty damned good, wants you to know that it’s sorry. CEO Lloyd Blankfein said at a conference in New York, “We participated in things that were clearly wrong and have reason to regret.” And then, he pulled the trigger on the big one: “We apologize.”

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Fire Your Clients

bull-collage-half-sizeAs financial markets tighten, most business owners are looking for revenue anywhere they can find it. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as a bad client, and the mistakes you make now can have an immediate effect … and not a positive one. So, as you navigate the ongoing financial crisis, choose wisely. Don’t overpay for your revenue.

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