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Historic Nature

Feeling a bit like shit, thanks to my newly developed carsickness (I still don’t know how the fuck that happened), I wasn’t thrilled to learn that we’d be taking a detour en route to the hotel. Apparently, the oldest tree in Europe is not a sight to be missed.So, here it is, in all its glory. A 5,000-fucking-year-old tree. Impressed?


Movies and Rednecks

dsc04044Wandering the countryside in the backseat of a Land Rover, you get to know a man. Our guide, a local, is an enthusiast of American films …the popular stuff. We were talking about Patrick Swayze, and Roadhouse came up, prompting a discussion on rednecks. He was unfamiliar wit the term, soon of my colleagues offered a rather gentle explanation. Our guide paused for a moment before saying, “I wonder if there are any rednecks over here.””Yes,” I replied, “Scots.”

Scotland: Day 2

dsc04067The Andeonaig sings to my fucking soul. I’m in my own cottage, sitting on the patio with a cigar, listening to a small river run by. The room/cottage is nothing short of perfect … except for the lack of an internet connection (I’m posting after having written yesterday). So, for now, I’m reconnecting with my fountain pen, still my favorite way to write.

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One way to become internet famous

dsc03965It’s tough to tell if I’m building buzz or spoiling the surprise. Fuck it, not my problem. Sometime in the next week or two, you’ll see video of me on the Toronto Sun’s website. I’m trying on and modeling a desert camouflage kilt. Yes, a kilt. Not a skirt. Get it right. Since my camera died this afternoon (needed to recharge the battery, which I’ve done), I don’t have any pictures of it yet. But, fellow traveler B. has promised to send me hers sometime soon. So, as soon as I get them, I’ll post the shots of me looking like a true Scot (well, maybe not that much, but I did wear it like a true Scot).

This will be my second dose of Canadian fame. Last week, I was interviewed for a story in the Globe and Mail on distance learning and online education. Well, since this is all Canadian, maybe I’m only going to be 2/3 internet famous.

As soon as I get them, the photos will be posted, don’t you worry. And, when the video is up on ToSun’s site, I’ll spread the word here and on twitter.

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