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New Travel Article: Ritz-Carlton, Naples, FL

Remember that trip I took to an undisclosed location in Florida a few weeks back? It was to the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, FL. Now that the article has been posted on TraderDaily.com‘s travel section, I can finally talk about it! I have to admit, it was among the best hotel experiences I have had (and keep in mind that I spent several years logging 40+ weeks on the road).

I am so happy that I can finally tell you guys how much I loved that place. You’ll read all about it on TraderDaily.com, but I do want to rave about the spa there for a sec. It was nothing short of heavenly. I seriously felt like my hands and feet were going to float away. If there is ever a reason to go to Florida, this is it.

Check out the review at TraderDaily.com >>


All is well in Fla

I had a busy day, and now I’m back on my balcony enjoying a cigar and relaxing a bit. Since I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night (thanks to JetBlue), I’ve been dragging, though I did get a boost of adrenaline for the interviews I got to conduct this afternoon. I’m looking forward to an upscale dinner in a few hours. I’m getting pretty hungry. Breakfast was fantastic, but lunch was Spartan given the day’s agenda. The experience, though, was certainly worth it.

Right now, I’m looking at the putting green and a couple of guys trying to make the “short game” work. They aren’t seeing a whole lot of success. The putz putts. Pretty funny, at least for the time and place.

I’m smoking a good cigar right now, the Taino maduro. It fits the weather. Putting back a Nicaraguan stick in this weather would kill me. The heat is the major culprit. I step outside and feel like I’m baking. It’s worth it, though, as everything else related to this trip is top-notch.

I can’t wait for dinner!