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So Tired

n676709308_217946_1479When I said that I was beyond jet lag, I was wrong. Completely wrong. I crashed hard last night, woke up at 4 AM today and struggled to sleep until a few minutes ago. I felt like 10 angry midgets came at me with baseball bats yesterday (a bit sore), but now it’s down to only four or five angry midgets. I got a few pitches out the door this morning before I went back to bed, and I have my fingers crossed. I’m starting to think that getting a new weekly column might not be realistic; I may have to pitch articles individually for a bit.

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This is pretty clever

I love seeing how journalists try to differentiate themselves during an election. Press conferences and media strategies usually keep any one reporter from getting an exclusive, so it’s a bit harder to make yourself stand out. The “story” below is an admirable effort.

Source: Prose Before Hose

Cool mention for De La Concha … and me

It was really funny. A reporter walked into De La Concha and mentioned that he writes for Health.com. Of course, we were suspicious. But, he assured us that he was writing about stress and smoking habits following the banking collapse of a few weeks ago. So, we worked with him, and the resulting story was interesting. The store got a mention as a networking spot, and a quote from me was picked up. Also, a guy from my old gig, Deloitte, got a shout-out.

Maybe the financial crisis isn’t so bad? Nah, it is.

The Brit gets it right

I hate it when people fuck with my work. Don’t get me wrong; I am quite open to criticism. There are a lot of editors who have messed with my copy, and I have learned a lot from them. But, there are some who do so without any real reason. That pisses me off. I would say more, but there’s an outside shot that the folks who have tried (and failed) will stumble upon the Migrant Blogger. The moral of the story: I’m a reasonable guy, and I expect that from those around me.

My father sent me the rant of some restaurant reviewer from the Manchester Guardian. This guy is fucking nuts– much crazier than I am. Giles Coren, the reviewer in question, publicly flew off the handle at the people who took the word “a” out of the last sentence of his review. Honestly, I get his point, and I agree with him. But, he’s is out of his fucking mind.

Oh, and don’t ask anyone for a “nosh” unless you mean it.