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Local Sensitivity: Priceless

Holiday Inn, Waterbury, CT

Holiday Inn, Waterbury, CT

I left a review of the Holiday Inn Waterbury on TripAdvisor, as I do with any hotel at which I stay. Well, some local was upset that I began my review with what I think of the town (which is not much). I viewed it as a public service, so fuck him. Anyway, he left me a hilarious message through TripAdvisor, which I am inclined to share with you:

Good afternoon,
Before sending my RSVP for a charity event being held at the new Holiday Inn, I decided to go online to view any information or reviews on the hotel and water park. I was very disappointed to read your review of the hotel, as it began not as a hotel review, but as an opinionated rant of a town that is quite beautiful with tremendous history.

Let’s take this from the top. If he knows so much about Waterbury, why the fuck is he looking up the hotel? Why doesn’t he just drive by the goddamned place? But, maybe I’m the retard. Also, Waterbury may have a tremendous history (as does every town in New England), but it is far from beautiful, particularly the neighborhood in which you’ll find this hotel.

The beautiful and historic Palace Theater hosts many wonderful theater and musical performances. Diorio’s, Carmen Anthony’s, Brass City Bistro and Quench Cafe are among the finest dining establishments in CT.

I rather suspect that there are several restaurants in Hartford that rival those listed above. Just a guess, but I also think there are a number around Stamford, Greenwich and other “rich people” places that have a leg up on Waterbury as well. Oh, and I just spoke with my wife. She grew up in Waterbury, just like the dumbass who wrote this message. She is only familiar with one of the restaurants above and says that, while it’s good, it’s probably not among the best in the state. So, take that!

I, for one, am extremely proud of the City where I was born and raised, and hope you might take the time to experience some of the pleasantries that Waterbury has to offer if you should “have to” return again.

Well, happy fucking day! He’s proud of where he grew up! And, he still lives there, so he probably hasn’t seen much of the rest of the world. A look at his profile suggests that he joined TripAdvisor specifically to send me this “invitation” to “experience some of the pleasantries that Waterbury has to offer.”

If I had ever bothered to form an opinion of the type of nutjob who would be proud to call Waterbury home, this would have been it.

What the moron failed to indicate is whether my review of the hotel was helpful. Unlike most users, I put a considerable amount of time and effort into my TripAdvisor hotel reviews, and I do include photos when I can. So far, I have written 13 reviews and posted 22 photos. I do this not for compensation but because I use TripAdvisor and realize that other people do, too. The only way it works is if we are all as thorough as possible. This piece of shit has missed the point entirely, instead opting to defend his hometown to someone he likely will never see there.

So, he pays the price on the Wandering Blogger.