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Gawker Coverage of North Korea

Okay, I follow North Korea the way most people in my neighborhood follow the NY Jets. So, I was pretty excited to see recent extensive coverage of the DPRK on Gawker, including some great campaign posters. Check out the links to interesting articles below, and some cool propaganda.

Gawker: Pyongyang: “The Alcatraz of Fun”

Gawker: Getting Your (Random Ass) Media Outlet Into North Korea

Washington Post: My Excellent North Korean Adventure

New Yorker: Our Man in Pyongyang

New Yorker: The Reluctant Communist

OhmyNews: The Reluctant Communist

Source: Gawker.com

Source: Gawker.com


Source: TraderDaily.com

$1 Auctions Come to a Close

Two and a half months after the idea arose, the project has come to a conclusion. SoHo artist Nelson Diaz finished his last $1 art auction on eBay at 7pm. The painting, Self-Portrait with Pipe, 2008 #10, sold for $355 to a collector who had already participated in this series.

Diaz considers the project a success, having put 10 paintings in the hands of the art collecting public for a fraction of what they would have to spend normally to enjoy his work. The propagation of the aesthetic has occurred.

But, the work is not over. Diaz is currently exploring new ideas for making art accessible to those who are not absurdly wealthy. New ideas are coming, and you’ll see them here first.

Please see below for coverage of Nelson Diaz’s $1 art auction project on eBay. The world, needless to say, has been quite interested in this project.

News Coverage of Nelson Diaz’s $1 Art Auctions

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Bragging Rights on Digital Journal

I just found out last night that my article, “Small Victories for Cigar Shop: De La Concha Fights Smoking Ban One Dinner at a Time” was selected for DigitalJournal.com’s TopFinds Awards in the Lifestyle category. This is great news, as it will help increase the profile of my favorite cigar shop, De La Concha. Also, I offer my props to photog Steve Zak who did the shooting for the event.

According to the editor, David Silverberg:

Tom Johansmeyer introduced us to a cigar shop’s inventive way of circumventing New York’s restaurant smoking ban: a pre-cigar meal. Filled with poignant quotes and precise details, the article takes home the TopLifestyle Award for strong original reporting and underscoring the importance of finding a story among the nooks and crannies of a major city. Tom’s conclusion was tight, the headline was attractive and the photos nicely complemented the text.

I am fairly new to DigitalJournal.com, a citizen journalism website that (for a chance) is focused on the U.S. market. But, I have to admit I’m pretty happy with it. The only problem is that the payouts are not as generous as my other tool, OhmyNews.com. But, I think there may be room for both in my life.