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What’s going on at MoMA

I love the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), but sometimes they do some retarded shit. I went recently to see the Van Gogh exhibit, which is nothing short of spectacular. While I was there, I looked around a bit. The idiocy I saw is recorded below.

Yes, this is art. It must be; it’s in a museum.

Little more than a Halloween decoration, in my opinion

I don’t even know what this is.

In honor of basketball? I don’t get it.

This may look stupid at first, but wait until you get a closer look.

See, it’s truly moronic.

Not only is it not art, it’s an old joke.

This guy’s a perv.

[From Wandering Blogger] People who bother me

I hate it when people see that you’re trying to take a picture and linger. So, I made this asshole part of it. Fuck him.

Aside from this prick, I had a great time at the Museum of Modern Art over the weekend, and I recommend the Dali exhibition highly. The mix of sketches, paintings and video came together perfectly.

If you haven’t seen his Destino film, check out the video below. It isn’t nearly as wild as the projection in MoMA, but at least you’ll get a feel for this masterpiece.