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“Step Up Time” Is Working

Civil liberties champion and Manhattan Neighborhood Network talking head Jeremy Taylor is making a difference. Founder of non-profit Step Up, Taylor has lobbied endlessly for U.S. involvement in Darfur. On his MNN television show, Taylor has called for the International Criminal Court to indict Sudanese dictator Omar Hassan al-Bashir. Bashir also holds the distinction of being one of Taylor’s “Pricks of Planet Earth.

Well, Jeremy’s efforts have paid off. Bashir has been indicted. I’ve been listening to Jeremy pull for this for a year. The clip below first aired a year ago on MNN.

Okay, so maybe you don’t believe that Jeremy was the driving force behind the International Criminal Court’s decision. I challenge you to prove otherwise!

Because you just can’t get enough Jeremy Taylor

I could be posting more pictures and stories from my trip to Montreal, but I’m tired and getting ready to go to bed. So, I leave you with the next best thing: Jeremy Taylor. He has a show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), and his mission has been to gather support for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics. It’s been uphill, as one would expect.

My favorite clip of him is below. While I was in Las Vegas with Jeremy, Bam Bam and Dirty Dave, I launched into Jeremy’s “Call your Senators” speech. We had a good laugh, and then he said, “Oh, thanks for reminding me.” He pressed a number on his phone (speed dial, as he insists of his viewers) and left a message for President Bush.

Call your congressmen!