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Gawker published my layoff story!


No names, but this rock looks alarmingly familiar

I got the boot from a major consulting firm during the first dotcom meltdown. I won’t name the company, but I went on to work there a total of three times, and it has a green dot in its logo (hint, hint).

Gawker was looking for tales of layoff woe, and mine was brutal, particularly for me. So, check out the horror stories on Gawker and try to figure out which one was mine (yet another hint, moron). I don’t think it was the worst they’ve published, but I definitely wouldn’t want to revisit the situation.

To all of you out there looking, best of luck. To all of you working, I hope I don’t see you on Gawker any time soon (at least not for this reason).

Read the sob stories >>

This is what I get for waiting

Over at day job, I heard from a colleague that Washington Mutual, which had just been picked up fire sale-style by JP Morgan Chase, had done little more than slap a new logo over an old one. And, they did. The effort is truly low-rent, but I guess it gets the point across.

They took the picture off the website today, which is a fucking shame. Yesterday, the new JPMC message was pasted on top of a picture in which one kid was covering the other’s eyes.

Yeah, see no evil …