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Recalling Magritte

I love Paris. It’s my favorite city after New York. When I was there about a year ago, I saw this flyer hanging in a window and had to capture it. The glare is a problem, but at the top it says, “Ceci n’est pas un hopital.” Translation: “This is not a hospital.”

The sign is practical. It hung in the door of a medical research clinic, and the folks there didn’t want the place to be mistaken by a hospital, especially, I assume, for someone on the brink of death who needs medical attention.

But, the real fun comes when you think back to the artist Rene Magritte. He was the surrealist who would paint a pipe and write beneath it, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe [This is not a pipe].”

I love it!

For those who do not believe that art plays a daily role in our lives, it’s time to wake up. At my day job, when I’m feeling a bit fried, I’ll walk the floor and check out the artwork hanging on the walls (we have some good stuff). When I’m tired of that, I turn to books with photos of work by Magritte and Francis Bacon. I have a few more to haul in when I get the chance: Escher and Kandinsky. Having art in your life makes a real difference.