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Heathrow named worst airport again

Copy of DSC06160The fliers have spoken: London’s Heathrow Airport sucks.

A poll of 14,500 frequent fliers, all participants in the Priority Pass airport lounge program, has again ranked the best and worst of the airport world, with Heathrow hitting rock-bottom for the second year in a row. Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris landed second from the floor.

Los Angeles International Airport was third worst, despite having poured $1 billion into a recent overhaul. Frankfurt International and Miami International round out the lowest five. In the United States, voters reserved their venom for Chicago, Atlanta and JFK, along with those awful enough to make the global list.

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Check out Montreal

My latest TraderDaily.com travel article has been posted. I had an absolute blast when I was up there last month, and I look forward to going again soon.

J’aime la Montreal!

So, take a look at the article on traveling to Montreal, then book a quick trip up there. If you’re in Boston or New York, Montreal isn’t too far up north.

While you’re up there, go grab a hot dog. They have decent dogs at the pool hall (there aren’t any pool tables there any more, just hot dogs) on St Denis. That’s exactly what I’m doing in the picture.

With fall coming, you probably think it will be cold as hell up there. You’d be absolutely wrong. Don’t think; let me do that for you. It’s beautiful up there well into October and probably into November. The air is nice and crisp.

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JetBlue Late, Delta’s Fault … It’s a Conspiracy, Man

Anybody who follows the woes of the air transportation industry knows that JetBlue has a habit of stranding passengers out on the runway for hours at a time. Well, a mistake by JetBlue (double-booked my seat) put me in seat 1D– bulkhead aisle– and within earshot of the flight attendants. Normally, this wouldn’t interest me, but since we spent well over an hour waiting for our turn to take off, I was able to pick up some insights.

Apparently, there were several international flights in front of us. I don’t know why that matters, but hey, they’re the professionals. Also, the flight attendants said (loud enough that it was for us rather than each other) that this was JFK’s fault, not JetBlue’s. As if any one of us gave a shit … It didn’t help that the pilot told us three times that we’d be taking off shortly.

The best muttered-just-loud-enough-for-the-passengers excuse, though, was that Delta was at fault. They sent out three planes, according to one flight attendant, with hardly any passengers on them. Delta did this just to fuck up traffic. Apparently, they do this all the time.

Now, I hate Delta Airlines. With a passion. But, this was too much even for me to stomach. And, I’d believe almost anything bad said about Delta. C’mon, JetBlue. Just admit it. You suck.

Inside the Bowels of Jamaica, Queens

I had a shitty day at work. Seriously. I was not in the fucking mood for anything. But, that was okay. I knew that at 3:45 PM my chariot would arrive to take me to the airport for a weekend of pure bliss.


Bliss, I found, is something to be earned.


As usual, I called Carmel Limo to take me to JFK airport. I always use Carmel. Generally, they’re pretty good. The driver I had today was awful. Carmel usually shows up annoyingly early. This guy was annoyingly late. Then, to avoid traffic, he lengthened the trip by taking me through Woodhaven and Jamaica, in Queens. It took forever. And, he was a shitty driver … by my standards, which are not high.


It’s all fine now. I’m on the balcony outside my absurdly beautiful and comfortable hotel room. But, the ride sucked.