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For those who dare “cross the line”

James Joseph Dresnok
James Joseph Dresnok

I first heard about the documentary film “Crossing the Line” back in 2005. Rumors shot around in the press. Then, I had the good fortune to see the film “A State of Mind” at the Tribeca Film Festival. North Korea documentarian Nick Bonner was on hand to discuss the film and confirmed that his team was making what would become “Crossing the Line,” a film about the last American defector living in North Korea. Last Tuesday, I was finally able to see the film, which was an expeirence about which I have been dreaming since news broke of former American soldier Charles Robert Jenkins’ defection from North Korea to Japan.

I was not disappointed.

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“Seven Days” of Korean

No, it has nothing to do with kimchee or Jinro soju. 7 Days is an indie flick that I saw screened at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal last weekend. The flick was extremely intense, packed with the sort of psychological violence only seen on the Korean peninsula or in Joe Gallant-directed porn films. I absolutely love it and recommend it highly. Check out the trailer below.

[More on the Fantasia International Film Festival after the video]

Fantasia is a kick-ass fest, focusing on horror, anguish and the disturbed. There is plenty of variety, from Quebecois animated shorts to U.S., Canadian and Asian horror. Quite simply, there’s something for everybody.

The festival just wrapped up a few days ago, but every year it spans most of July. This is a real fest, not the commercialized Sundance, Tribeca or Cannes affairs. At Fantasia, the movies are the main event. So, if you’re looking for a reason to go to Montreal next summer, you just found it.

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