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Crazy Signs You’re in Scotland


dsc03980Okay, my fetish for crazy foreign signs is pretty well-documented on the Migrant Blogger. Well, it didn’t take long for me to find a handful in Scotland. Seriously. My first destination (after the hotel) was a small farmers’ market in Edinburgh. I found more than enough to keep me busy there, but as I walked around town a bit, I learned that this fine city is absolute gold when it comes to crazy street signs.

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Funny New York Signs

I’m an equal opportunity offender. Since I’ve had funs with street signs in Canada, Finland and Reykjavik, it’s time to put my hometown on the chopping block! My wife and I went down to the East Village for breakfast on Saturday, and on our way home (barely missing getting stuck in the rain), I stumbled upon these gems.

They’re not all that clear– apologies– but I only had my blackberry camera handy.

I guess they do it all. “All types of hair cuts” and watch batteries … what else is there? Well, the real question probably is: who’d go for either?

If you stand right beneath this awning, you’re in the middle of … oh, never mind.

Thai Me Up! I suspect it’s just food, but if they ever need to expand, they’re ready.