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New TripAdvisor Review: Shake Shack

Check out my review of the Shack! I love that place. It’s right across the street from the office, and I go there for lunch as often as I can. But, the summer lines make it difficult these days. Anyway, check out the review, and find someone to wait in line for you.

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Montreal goes underground

In the winter, nobody walks the streets in Montreal; it’s too damned cold. So, the city has developed a vast network of underground tunnels that connect many of the city’s hotels, restaurants, retailers and other business establishments. The underground network is pretty spectacular in the summer, too, since the whole thing has some great air conditioning.

You can find an entrance to the underground city by looking at Metro (subway) signs. If it has the letters “RESO,” the station also serves as an entrance to the underground city. Once underground, you can choose to take the subway or explore the underground city on foot.

The underground system is pretty amazing. There are plenty of retail and dining options. The network goes several stories below ground and reaches above the surface. Also, it was designed to allow as much natural light as possible. I was definitely impressed.

I thought I’d cause some trouble with my host, telling him that this subway station design is a knock-off of the Paris metro. Instead, he just laughed and explained that this particular work was a gift to Montreal from Paris. So, he put me in my place easily. I may think before speaking next time, but as I explained to him, I doubt it.

The subway system provides great access to the city. In fairness, it’s not quite New York, Washington, DC or Seoul, but it certainly is at least a step up from Boston or Helsinki. I’ve heard great things about it. I wanted to give it a try, but when faced with the opportunity, I had to choose the streets. That’s where I prefer to be when I’m working on a story.

More fun foreign street signs

Yeah, I love foreign street signs. Canada’s were considerably more sensible than those in Helsinki and Reykjavik, but I found a few that were entertaining.

Youville– population, one!

Saute-Moutons pretty much translates to “jumping sheep.” Strangely, this attraction deals with neither jumping nor sheep, but it is still pretty damned cool. Saute-Moutons takes you on a jet boat through river rapids. Large waves form, and the boat dives into them, getting the passengers drenched. On the way back, we actually saw a few whirlpools forming in the river. This is a must-see in Montreal.

Slow food in a bar? As opposed to what? Healthy mozzarella sticks? C’mon, guys. I just don’t get it.

I love hot dogs

They may be foreign; they may be domestic. Either way, I am a big fan of the food nature could never have produced on its own. You’ve seen me eat a hot dog in Reykjavik, Iceland, and you’ve heard my thoughts on dogs served in Massachusetts and New York. Well, I have finally added a new delight to the list.

I stopped by a dog shop in Montreal, yesterday. I have to say, it wasn’t bad. From what I understand, this was the best Montreal had to offer.

The verdict? Montreal offers a good dog, certainly far above average. But, it does have a way to go before it can compete with Swamscott, MA’s Popo’s or the crazy shop in Reykjavik.