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Help the North Korean Children

koreancharityI know, I know, it’s hard to imagine donating money to anything involving North Korea. I mean, hell, just look at the regime-endorsed Twitter-stream! But, when I saw the appeal from Koryo Tours for donations, I found it impossible to take issue. This is an independent organization run by a Brit that’s trying to raise a mere $6,700 for two humanitarian projects in the isolated Communist state.

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Yelling at a Blind Guy

When I’m at day job, I have a tendency to sit out in front of the building and smoke a cigar or my pipe while I write. It helps me clear my head, and I get a lot done. Generally, nobody bothers me. It’s a pretty good way to work. From time to time, though, there’s an asshole who tries to spoil it for me. On Friday, that asshole was a blind guy.

When he walked out of the building, his seeing-eye dog got a bit squirrelly, as if to tell him, “Hey, you can’t stand here. There’s something in the way.” Too busy on his cell phone, yelling at a customer service rep about a late fee for a credit card, the blind guy disregarded his companion. He told the dog to stop it. So, the guy was standing right next to me, and he kept creeping closer. He didn’t pay attention to anything else, because he was so wrapped up in his conversation.

Let’s reflect on this for a sec. I don’t want to seem like the uncaring prick that I am, but shouldn’t a blind guy pay a bit more attention when he’s outside? I routinely hear people bitch about those with sight not paying attention when walking the streets, and cell phones are usually the problem. So, shouldn’t a blind guy be at least a bit more attentive than someone who can see?

Well, this dumbass didn’t seem to think the rules of common courtesy applied to him. He kept invading my personal space. I tried to blow smoke upward, to signal that someone was nearby. Maybe a guy sitting down, maybe a midget. Whatever. There was someone who soon would be under foot. He didn’t notice. I tried tapping his leg several times. Hey, I didn’t want to interrupt his bullshit conversation. Still nothing. He kept coming.

Then, he kicked my blackberry.

From the noise, he realized that he did something. The guy reached down to pick it up. It would have been a nice gesture if he hadn’t kept going with his conversation. But, nothing would deter this Very Important Person. I told him to fuck off and back up, that I’d take care of my blackberry. He didn’t hear me. So, I yelled, “I got it. Just back up!” He finally moved away.

Fortunately, there wasn’t anybody standing in the smoking area. Otherwise, I would have seemed heartless. Maybe not, though. This guy was an asshole. anyone would have seen that. I still felt like a scumbag, though, yelling at a blind guy.