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This is awesome

I love that the concert was at Camp Casey (where I was stationed when I was in the army in 1997). “Rich Man’s War” is on my shortest list of favorite songs.


A big bowl of dumbass

Photo by Bryce Longton

Photo by Bryce Longton

I’ve been out of the army for close to 10 years, but every now and then, I see something that whisks me back in time. Today was one of those days.  Sorry, I won’t name names or provide descriptions. I won’t even tell you what the gump did. But, I can tell you about the memory it provoked.

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Let’s Start to Like McCain Again

Paste Magazine

Source: Paste Magazine

Now that the election is over, I’d like to start liking John McCain again. I don’t share the man’s politics … not at all. I mean the man, not the role or the ideas. I didn’t like him as a candidate, and I’m happy he is not going to be our president. But, he’s done some great things for our country, and I’d like to focus on that again, for no other reason than his contributions. His service is no reason to make him president, but it does deserve our thanks and respect.

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Donate a Cigar to a Soldier

exp00055Today is Veterans Day, as I hope you remember (and I hope you found someone to thank). Well, it should come as no surprise that many of our troops enjoy a good cigar, and in places like Baghdad and Kabul, they tend to be in short supply. After the jump, learn more about how to help our service members enjoy a good cigar and a few moments of bliss.

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