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It’s about Blogging

I’m often asked how I can blog about as many topics as I do: travel, cigars, the art market, social media marketing, technology, finance and even reinsurance. The answer is really pretty simple. As much as I enjoy each of these disciplines (and I do), it really isn’t about the subject matter. At the end of the day, I’m a blogger first. I’d rather blog about anything than not be a blogger at all, and the thought of trading it all in for traditional journalism in any of these fields just doesn’t turn me on.

Content’s great … but blogging is where I live.

Social Media Needs You, Marketing Guy

We all hate the marketing users who corrupt our pristine social media worlds, right? Yeah, well you rely on these scumbags (among whom I count myself). Without the marketers, pitching relentlessly through social media, it would be awfully tough for these environments to survive. And, let’s face it: would you actually pay for Twitter?

To get my full perspective on this, check out the guest post I just wrote for SocialTimes.

Literary Allusion as Weapon

I’m not sure why I just thought of this, but it made me laugh. You probably won’t give a damn, but this blog post is for me, not for you. I remember playing with literary allusion in an English class during my junior year of high school. I reached a little bit, just to feel like I was putting to work some of the reading I was doing outside of class. Well, my teacher noticed and mentioned in passing that he actually researched them to make sure I was using them correctly.

Big mistake. His, not mine.

When I realized that he had to go on this “fact-checking” excursion, I amped up my efforts, looking for the bizarre, remote and difficult to verify. He toiled silently for weeks before finally begging me to stop. I think he figured out what I was doing.

Score one for the student!