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I love this video

I’ve always gotten a kick out of it, especially given the hype in the social media market until the Facebook IPO flamed out. Now, it’s great for nostalgia.

I have to admit – sometimes, I really do miss running Inside IPO (which is no more …). Also, I’m guilty of “I have an amazing team” – specifically the folks at my last gig.

A Big Mistake #WithMitt

Have you downloaded the iPhone app from the Mitt Romney campaign? I have, and full disclosure, I support neither Romney nor Obama. The app allows you to take photos that are framed with inspirational messages like “The America We Love” and state that you’re #withmitt. For supporters, this is a great way to spread the word. Take pictures of what you love about America, post them on Facebook and Pinterest, tweet them and so on. It really does sound great.

Until the wrong person starts to use it.

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New Humor Article on Cynic Mag

Writing funny stuff is a pain in the ass. It takes a lot of work, boatloads of creativity and far more effort than I’m usually willing to commit. But, I occasionally go through all of this agony to write something for Cynic Mag … as I did just recently. It’s a funny piece on how today looks from far in the future. It’s worth a look.

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