Valleywag Is Coming Back!

ValleywagI still haven’t forgotten the sting that came when Valleywag was folded into Gawker, at which point it began a slow, pitiful death. I was a big fan of the blog, which had an amazing contributor base. To a certain extent, I learned the basics of blogging (and more) from them. Well, Nick Denton tells Business Insider that Valleywag is coming back, and I couldn’t be more psyched.

Of course, there’s much more to come. I’m curious to see who will actually take the helm (I have a few favorites I’d love to see), not to mention whether Denton actually follows through with the plan. I always thought Valleywag was killed prematurely, and I’m glad it’s back.

Also, let’s get real: will he be able to staff it up as well as he did the last iteration? Part of me thinks his best bet would be to find some no-name pirates from Silicon Valley and let them go nuts. But, that’s one ex-blogger‘s opinion.

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