A Big Mistake #WithMitt

Have you downloaded the iPhone app from the Mitt Romney campaign? I have, and full disclosure, I support neither Romney nor Obama. The app allows you to take photos that are framed with inspirational messages like “The America We Love” and state that you’re #withmitt. For supporters, this is a great way to spread the word. Take pictures of what you love about America, post them on Facebook and Pinterest, tweet them and so on. It really does sound great.

Until the wrong person starts to use it.

The potential for virtual mayhem varies. You could take pictures of homeless people (#withmitt?), for example, or empty retail establishments (“Day One, Job One?), making the whole effort political. Or, you could just have a little fun, as I did above, in a way the campaign probably didn’t intend.

The #withmitt app is an interesting approach to the use of social media to support the campaign, and we’ve come a long way from 2008, let alone Howard Dean’s use of the “internet” to raise funds, a development none of the other candidates ever seemed to figure out (I remember having a cigar with Al Sharpton a year later, when he asked me, “How do I do what Dean did?”). The only problem is its potential for misuse.

That aside, I do have a few ideas for improving the app:

1. Make the flash accessible

2. Enable zooming

3. Allow users to upload photos to the app, rather than taking them through the app (the way you can with Instagram)

Why is #3 so important? Well, I wanted to load a picture of Les Nessman into the app to show that he’s #withmitt.

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