How Well Does Social Media Drive Blog Traffic?

Okay, you’re not going to find out here. Instead, head over to the guest post I wrote on Scene by Laurie, exploring how travel bloggers can fall victim to niche audiences that generate plenty of social media chatter but never really click through. If you are over-reliant on Twitter or Facebook for traffic, this is the downside to which you’re exposed. And yes, I do anchor it with a real world travel example.

Travel Blog Analysis: Does Social Media Drive Real Traffic? >>

And, here’s the source story from the case study …

Five Reasons Flight Attendants Should Shut up and Push the Cart >>

1 thought on “How Well Does Social Media Drive Blog Traffic?

  1. Sherry

    The results really do not surprise me in the least, Once you have someone off your page, getting them back is very difficult. In this case, by feeding to Twitter or Facebook, they never come to your page at all. Be very careful with using the Twitter shortening of links, as it can mess with your own traffic numbers. If you are using a widget.plugin to transfer your posts to Twitter and facebook, make sure you use one like Twitme or (alas gone now) Twit NNF, that allows you to provide your own URL with the post title.

    Unfortunately, for any business that is depending on real traffic (let alone conversions) from a tweet or like, it is too easy for someone to read the headline and never click on the link at all. So, you may never even get them to your site in the first place.

    This is all too familiar to those that run membership sites: You need to blog, you want to tweet, but you have to make sure links IN, do not allow anyone to follow links OUT. Trapping people on the page is what leads to conversions, along with liking what they see. Let them click around and get outside your page again and good luck getting them back in.


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