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Bell Claims Playboy Bid Imminent … But with What Money?

Maybe it’s the fact that I went to public school … or I’m just plain stupid. I just can’t understand how Marc Bell, CEO of Penthouse Media Group Friend Finder Network, is going to make a bid on ailing quasi-competitor Playboy this afternoon. He just doesn’t have the money.

At the beginning of the year, Bell announced that he was desperately trying to take FFN public – his second attempt at recapitalizing the over-leveraged debacle. In 2008, he tried for the first time, having seen more than $400 million in long-term debt reclassified as short-term debt likely because of a busted loan covenant. The only reason FFN hasn’t collapsed, I suspect, is because the investors just have too much capital committed.

FFN’s problems began back in 2007, when it was still Penthouse, and Marc Bell led the acquisition of Various, Inc. for the princely sum of $401 million. Credit markets were still a bit loose, and PET, the fund that pumped cash into Penthouse when Bell took the company over from Bob Guccione, was able to load up to acquire Various, which was much larger than Penthouse. Various owned, well, various dating sites, including and

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Indulge with Twitter Name Search

Do you love yourself? A lot? Hey, anyone who’s blogging, microblogging or doing any other sort of “see me!” stuff on the web, is at least a little guilty of this (draw your own conclusions about me, then multiply by three). Twitter‘s now making it easier to feed this lust for self-exploration in the social media space.

Twitter Starts Name Dropping In Search Results -- Huge For User Discovery Admit it, 99% of your Twitter searches are for vanity purposes. You do it, I do it, we all do it. And such a search revealed a potentially very useful and powerful new feature today. Twitter is now injecting name results into searches on when you do a regular search for a name. To be clear, Twitter has had a name search option for some time, but this is the first time they’ve put it front and center in the main tweet stream when you d … Read More

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Corporate Blogging Tips: Four Ways to Get Your Readers Back

Do you own your readers or rent them? If you want to turn the latter into the former, check out my latest for SocialTimes, “Four ways Corporate Bloggers Can Lure Readers Back.” I’ve been knee-deep in corporate blogging for a while now, and this reflects both the latest intel I’ve been able to pick up and a few years of accumulated knowledge.

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I Told You the Aggregators Were Coming

I wrote a while ago that the days of the social media platform (at least new introductions thereof) are waning, and that we’ll start seeing more aggregators instead. Yeah, it’s happening. Dashboards fall under “aggregators” (in my mind, at least), and involver’s just come out with a new one. For the social media marketing crowd, this is huge.

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Brand Marketing Firm Involver Launches ‘AMP’ Social Media Dashboard Involver, a company that helps both brands and smaller businesses manage their presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other online portals, has launched a new dashboard they’re calling AMP. The dashboard allows brands to aggregate all of their inbound tweets, Facebook comments, and other messages on a single site, and it isn’t just for monitoring incoming content — you can also respond to messages directly from the page. Involver was founded in 2007 … Read More

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Random Nut Says He Owns Facebook

Paul Ceglia says he owns 84 percent of Facebook. The guy, who really came out of nowhere, says he signed a contract with Mark Zuckerberg in 2003 that makes him the rightful owner. Facebook says it’s defending itself vigorously, which is the normal response to this kind of thing. A judge is taking this thing seriously.

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TechCrunch TV: Speaking Of… Detroit, Featuring Scott and Jay Adelson (via TechCrunch)

I’m really enjoying this video interview series. Great stuff.

TechCrunch TV: Speaking Of... Detroit, Featuring Scott and Jay Adelson Guest post by Cyan Banister… I've met a lot of engineers and entrepreneurs from Detroit and there's an underlying vibe that resonates from all of them: a specific attitude or work ethic – possibly left over from the automotive industry – that either causes them to try to work harder than their fathers or go against the grain trying to figure out how they can live life to its fullest. As Jay Adelson takes his first break from work in 20 years, w … Read More

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