What Does a Blogger Look Like? Sysomos Knows!

Social media analytics company Sysomos has found the answer to one of life’s burning questions: what does a blogger “look” like? The company scoured more than 100 million blog posts to determine that the average blogger is male or female (duh, but it was roughly equal), age 21 to 35 (guess my days are numbered) and living in California, New York or Ontario. Seriously, Ontario.

So, why is blogging concentrated in the 21-to-35 space? It’s actually pretty intuitive:

Not surprisingly, the most active bloggers are younger people who have grown up during the blogging “revolution”, which started about seven years ago. Bloggers in the 21-to-35 year-old demographic group account for 53.3% of the total blogging population. This group is followed by the generation just behind them – people 20-years-old or under are 20.2% of the blogging landscape. This group is closely followed by 36-to-50 year-olds (19.4%), while bloggers who are 51-years-old and older only account for 7.1%.

So, where would you look for bloggers?

Well, it remains an American pastime. Close to 30 percent of the world’s bloggers live here, with the UK following at a mere 6.75 percent. Japan is next at under 5 percent. When you look at our locations by province or state (United States and Canada), 14.1 percent of bloggers are in California, followed by New York at 7.16 percent. Ontario comes in at 5.59 percent, with Colorado, Texas and Pennsylvania next.

Or, maybe a blogger just looks like this …

via Sysomos, NYT

2 thoughts on “What Does a Blogger Look Like? Sysomos Knows!

  1. Sherry

    No surprise that the Land of Narcissism comes in with a high percentage of bloggers. Most of those are probably waiter/actors, porn talent and musicians. 😉


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