Random Nut Says He Owns Facebook

Paul Ceglia says he owns 84 percent of Facebook. The guy, who really came out of nowhere, says he signed a contract with Mark Zuckerberg in 2003 that makes him the rightful owner. Facebook says it’s defending itself vigorously, which is the normal response to this kind of thing. A judge is taking this thing seriously.

According to Bloomberg News:

The day of Ceglia’s filing, without notice to Palo Alto, California-based Facebook, Acting New York Supreme Court Justice Thomas P. Brown signed an order blocking Zuckerberg and Facebook “from transferring, selling, assigning any assets, stocks, bonds, owned, possessed and/or controlled by the defendants,” at least until a hearing set for July 9.

So far:

Facebook transferred the case to federal court in Buffalo, New York, and is trying to get the order annulled. In court papers, the company points to the “outlandishness” of Ceglia’s claim to ownership of Facebook. The company also claims that a suit over a contract allegedly broken in 2003 is “almost certainly barred” by the statute of limitation for such claims.

via Bloomberg News

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