Phone Your Blog (via News)

This. Is. Awesome. Being able to call in blog posts is nothing short of incredible. Imagine being on the floor of a conference or trade show and phoning in real-time updates to the floor … and then tweeting them out to your followers! This truly mobile blogging. As a blogger (both corporate and mass media), my mind started racing at the possibilities. If you want to talk through anything, give me a shout.

(btw — as you can see, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the reblog feature in WordPress, too)

Phone Your Blog It’s happened to all of us. The night starts off innocently enough with a little gin and tonic, maybe a mojito, then next thing you know you’re doing tequila shots with the bartender and the girl from Brazil and you find yourself thinking it would be a treMENdous idea to call up your ex and see how they’re doin … Read More

via News

2 thoughts on “Phone Your Blog (via News)

  1. Emm Jay

    I bet there will be some plug-ins that would automatically transcribe these phoned posts into something like subtitles so that we could better understand what’s being said.. I guess we will have to learn to speak really clear so that the output will be easy to understand.
    On the other hand, I’m pretty sure I can use this for emergency purposes.. =D


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