The Single Secret to Successful Blogging

I don’t usually share content across my blogs, but I liked this simple post so much that I decided to break the self-imposed rules. It originally ran on my other blog, Reinsurance Blogger, which deals with social media marketing issues in the reinsurance industry.

If you’re looking to launch a successful blog – or take one you have that isn’t doing much and turn it around – you really need only one little tidbit of info. It isn’t profound, and it will actually make your life easier.

So, here it is:

Good Content + A Lot of Content = A Great Blog

It’s pretty easy to screw this formula up. Why? Because most people read it as:

A Lot of Good Content = A Great Blog

You don’t need a lot of good content – you only need some good content. Having a blog where every post is amazing is like hitting a home run every time you step up to the plate or having your bag come out first every time your plane lands. It would be an incredible way to live … and I’m sure you can ask the Tooth Fairy all about it.

So, instead of living in fantasy land, maximize your potential in the real world. Shoot for one solid blog post a week. It’s the kind of thing you should want to send around to clients, if not drop a press release for it. The other three or four – don’t sweat it. They should represent quality writing and thinking, but they don’t need to change the world.

With this approach, you use the good content to lure readers to your blog and the rest of the content to give them a reason to poke around. Reader retention is based on overall quality, not any single post. And, the “good” posts carry more weight.

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