Corporate Bloggers: Know the Challenges You’ll Face

Corporate blogging isn’t easy. The rewards are high, and this type of platform will reduce your workload over time (if you’re an in-house writer), though you’ll probably invest all that saved time in producing more content – especially if you’re addicted to returns. Some of the challenges aren’t immediately evident, and you’ll only encounter them when you’re knee-deep in the shit.

For mainstream bloggers, especially, you will run into some unexpected challenges. If you’re used to reblogging news stories or use press releases as a crutch when you’re short content, you’ll have to change your game.

1. Your options are limited

Mainstream bloggers and news sites have it made. They really aren’t locked out of writing about certain companies or topics. They can write whatever the hell they want. Conflicts of interest, competitive factors and corporate strategy, however, govern the content of a corporate blogger … not that this is a problem. The whole point of a corporate blog is to advance the company’s position in the marketplace. But, it involves a constraint that other bloggers don’t have. When you need an easy story to fill, you can’t just rip, strip and post a random press release – you actually have to work hard for every story.

2. You’re gonna have to face it, they’re addicted to print

You’ll get a lot of pushback, especially in old-school companies. They’ll say that the market wants print. Generally speaking, it’s the people in your company who want print, because they don’t want to figure out how to use a new sales tool. Stand your ground. At first, you may have to pull double duty, writing for both print and the blog. As you do this, gather intelligence. Look at the metrics. The blog’s performance will generally blast the hell out of print. Use this to your advantage: educate the company.

3. Help is hard to come by

This isn’t specific to blogs: any new initiative is tough. You’re looking for support from people who already have full-time jobs. Hell, in this climate, they probably have more than full-time loads on their plate. So, to get your blog off the ground – and keep it humming for the first year – you’ll need to really love it. That’s the only thing that will keep you going at times. Put in the time. Once you’ve garnered a few successes, it will be easier to get people to help you out. After all, they’ll want a piece of the glory.

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