An art auction failure linked to every Gen Xer’s fantasy

The art market isn’t sure if it wants to recover yet. This month, Sotheby’s had a fantastic contemporary art sale, while the one at Christie’s just plain sucked. Among the paintings at the latter was “Brother Sausage,” by Jean-Michel Basquiat. It entered the Christie’s art auction with the highest presale estimate, but nobody was interested in buying it.

Life’s a bitch.

What’s interesting, though, is where this painting comes from. Word on the street is that Peter Brant, turned art collector by his soon-to-be ex-wife, is trying to move the piece. He and Stephanie Seymour are battling their way through a divorce, and “Brother Sausage,” with a presale estimate that approached $10 million, is bound to be one of the assets they fight over.

Why does this matter to the millions of Gen Xers who don’t give a fuck about art? Or, to those of us who like art but still don’t give a shit about the squabbles of the rich and famous?

Stephanie Seymour defined a generation. As many of us hit puberty, she “married” Axl Rose, as Slash played alone in front of a church in the middle of nowhere. Countless teens “lost their virginity” to the November Rain video.

hairstyles top

Too much time has passed since Stephanie and Axl cut the cake (in 1992! Has it really been that fucking long?!), but time, it seems, is certainly out to charm her. She isn’t as young as she used to be, but that didn’t stop Seymour from baring it all for Vanity Fair this month, and not looking like she was merely hot in a video 17 years ago.

[Photo by Vanity Fair via Huffington Post]

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