Gotta Love the Ayn Rand Crowd

lens1521675_resizejohngaltThe so-called “Objectivists” are easy to manipulate. All you need to do is post a story with the slightest dig at Ayn Rand, and they mobilize online, rewarding your rudeness with plenty of traffic and comments. Whenever one of my sites needs a little surge, I write about Ayn Rand (as I’m doing now). So, when I had the chance to cover a private equity fund named for Howard Roark for DailyFinance, I jumped at the opportunity.

It didn’t take long for me to pick up a few Ayn Rand-related followers on Twitter, and several comments materialized on the website almost immediately. Fun stuff.

What blows my mind is how dedicated these people are. I just don’t get it. In their blind obedience to the dead quasi-novelist who has had none other than Alan Greenspan kiss her ass, the Objectivist crowd doesn’t realize that they’re just as bad as the people Rand criticizes.

Their ability to mobilize, however, is profound. For these guys to find me, the lowly, barely read Migrant Blogger, is nothing short of amazing. They really do monitor the internet to weigh in on whatever conversation is going on involving their hero.

Want to have some fun? Check out the latest spin on Atlas Shrugged.

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