Help the North Korean Children

koreancharityI know, I know, it’s hard to imagine donating money to anything involving North Korea. I mean, hell, just look at the regime-endorsed Twitter-stream! But, when I saw the appeal from Koryo Tours for donations, I found it impossible to take issue. This is an independent organization run by a Brit that’s trying to raise a mere $6,700 for two humanitarian projects in the isolated Communist state.

Click here to donate to the Koryo Tours project >>

The goals are straightforward. The first project is to create, print and distribute braille dictionaries for blind North Korean children. Once this is accomplished (it will cost a little more than half the budget), the remainder will go to supplying an orphanage in Wonsan, North Korea with playground equipment.

The deadline is in two weeks, and so far, only $753 (based on €505) has been raised. Clearly, the group has a long way to go … but it’s objective is modest. It shouldn’t be this hard for Koryo Tours reach its goal. Even if you object to the regime in North Korea (as I certainly do), it’s hard to endorse the suffering fo children anywhere.

Click here to donate to the Koryo Tours project >>

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