Playing with YouTube

I’ve been away for a while. That’s the curse of finding paid work: not as much time to spend on the fun stuff. But, I have been able to squeeze in a bit of time to experiment with video. I’m trying to spice up my posts for Gadling and Luxist with footage that I’m shooting with a Flip HD. So far, my work is nothing short of amateurish, but I’m hoping it at least brings a bit more life to the stories I’m pulling together.

This video is part of a growing trend in my travel writing work: hotdogs. For Gadling, I’ve covered dogs in East Anglia, Curtain Bluff (a resort in Antigua) and Madrid. Maybe I’ll do something on Gray’s Papaya soon. It’s a great local place for dogs.

My regular gigs continue to be varied. I’ve added DailyFinance and BloggingStocks (the latter daily, the former occasionally) to the grind, and I’m having fun with them. I also got picked up recently by Envy recently to write a few travel pieces, and I hope to write more for that mag in the near future.

So, I’m keeping off the streets, but I hope to be writing regularly for the Migrant Blogger again. I miss the fun stuff.

2 thoughts on “Playing with YouTube

  1. BlackandBlueMedia

    Wow honey, sorry to hear that you are being fettered recently. Controversy (whether hardcore or soft) promotes discussion, and isn’t that what you are supposed to be doing?

    The videos are a very nice addition. Focusing on hot dogs is a major bonus! However, you forgot to tell us how you dressed your dog, or if you are rating on naked dogs alone.

    Part of the magical mystery of hotdogs (especially regional dogs) is in the dressing elements. Why do Fab’s Los Angeles Special dogs in Reseda contain mayonnaise with the spicy onion relish and mustard? It’s a flavor component that when you leave it out, the spice is out of balance. Sort of like why in West Virginia, you get cole slaw on your chili dog, along with the mustard. 😉


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