The writing on the wall

dsc04513My guide, Mustafa, was incredibly helpful. In addition to keeping me from getting hopelessly lost, he was able to explain the subtleties of Marrakech to me. I saw what looked like rather organized graffiti and asked the obvious question: “What does it mean?”

Apparently, it’s political. And, it’s not really graffiti.

Morocco has 32 political parties. In the run-up to an election, each is allotted a specific space on walls around the city to use in promoting its campaign. So, there are boxes painted on walls throughout the medina. Some are used; some are not.


Posters, signs and painted symbols are used to lure voters onto a party’s side. I’m not sure what the symbols mean or how they are used to convince a voter. But, when you think about it, it’s no less clear than what our candidates spewed for two years.


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