Click quick, don’t get caught

dsc04489The locals don’t like to have their pictures taken. So, to get some shots of the people of Marrakech, I had to click without being seen. This meant holding my camera by my side, trying to aim and hoping for the best. Most of you won’t notice a difference, as I’m a shitty photographer. But, at least you’ll get a sense of what these folks look like.

When we first arrived at the hotel, Laura noted how beautiful the people of Marrakech are. She’s write. The men and women who work at the Hivernage aren’t difficult to look at. All this changes when you pass through the gates of the medina.


Many have more gaps than they do teeth. A tough life leads to plenty of visible wear and tear.


Most of the vendors in the souks definitely don’t want their pictures taken. I got this one before I knew the rule. The one below, I had to sneak. I wish I could have captured the live chickens at the back of the souk. Talk about fresh!


And, here are some shots of the main square. It’s a rough scene.



Everyone looks old, but you wonder what “old” means.

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