Hotel Hivernage in Marrakech

dsc04385Laura learned today what it means to be in a third-world country. How? I got us lost inside the old city walls of Marrakech. We stumbled through unending covered alleys with people who harassed us to buy what they were selling. Mopeds (and even cars) zipped along where there was no room for them. She wasn’t happy. I guess I don’t blame her, but I do like this shit. the hotel, I hope, makes up for our Marrakech misadventures.

The Hivernage Hotel and Spa is outside the walls and gave us a false impression of what happens on the other side. This property is absolutely beautiful and has an incredibly attentive staff. Dinner was absolutely amazing.

I’m outside on the balcony right now,  smoking a De La Concha Grand Reserve cigar. It’s a great way to tie off what has been a busy day. Hell, I caught an early flight from Madrid, wandered around a city that felt alien (almost hostile) and had enough excitement to make bedtime a chore. This is just what I need right now.

I plan to write about this place for Gadling later, so I don’t want to give away too much. But, you can take a look at my room below.




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