Hot dogs in Madrid

dsc04319Okay, if you read my work, you know that I love hot dogs and that I seek them out when I’m in a foreign country. Well, after a day in Marrakech, it doesn’t look good for the hunt, but I can tell you about the dog I had in Madrid on Sunday. It was decent, rating behind Stockholm and Reykjavik, but still better than most outer borough street vendors.

Madrid‘s major source of dogs is Chicago Hot Dogs, which appears to be a chain. I had a dog out near the Retiro park but saw the chain in several other places, as well. When I had my hot dog, I didn’t know that Chi Dogs was a chain, but looking back, I’m not surprised. The hot dog was generally uninspired. The bun lacked butter or toasting, and the meat itself was typical boiled hot dog. You can get all kinds of extra shit put on it, but that’s, as they say, putting lipstick on a pig.

This hot dog was middle of the road.


The mustard, on the other hand, was interesting. Yep, my regular readers are seeing a trend. I said the same thing about the mustards offered in Reykjavik and Stockholm. And, it’s true. While the toppings in those two Scandinavian cities were (unsurprisingly) similar, however, the Madrid mustard was different. I’m still trying to figure out what the operative spice was. It reminded me a little of curry … but not quite. Whatever it was, it was interesting, though not enough to rescue the hot dog from mediocrity.


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