Making Progress

tomkilt2Good things happen quickly.

I had a meeting today for a new travel gig. Nothing’s firm, so I can’t go into any details yet. I do have a pretty good feeling about it, though. It’s exactly the sort of project I want to take on right now, and it seems like I’d be a good fit. So, fingers crossed.

The events behind this lead would be surprising if they happened to anyone else, but I’m used to a bit of strange in my life by now.

I was up at around 3:30 this morning. I got up for a few hours and sent pitches out before realizing how fucking tired I was and going back to sleep for a couple more hours. Amazingly, I heard back on one of these pitches today. They guy who wrote back is from out of town but happened to be in New York today. tomwritingcigar2We got together, had a drink and did the usual dance. Prospects look good.

The gig is totally electronic, so I won’t have to fuck around with print (and you know how I feel about that). Short, higher-energy pieces will be the order of the day, though I’ll have some room for in-depth stuff if I’m so inclined. I already know what a few of my first stories will be, and one of them will surprise everyone — well, everyone except the person who was fucking awesome enough to give me the lead on it.

So, I guess I’m back — or at least pretty g-d close. I lost my column on Wednesday, and I could have a new one as early as, well, Wednesday. Not bad. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re going to use my idea for a name: Bat-Shit Crazy Travel. I guess I’ll have to save that for something else.

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