Print Blames the Web

newdsc04041Look, it’s pretty obvious that the media industry turmoil is the result of print companies who have spent the past 10 years fucking around rather than putting together business models that could make money on the fucking web. Now, print companies are dying in droves, and the layoffs are endless. Sure, we’re losing a lot of mags that shouldn’t have existed anyway, but some classic books, like Playgirl, are becoming casualties as well. Okay, maybe Playgirl deserved to go, but some good ones are getting nailed.

Of course, there are some dying slow deaths that don’t deserve it. A lot of these magazines are slicing their online teams and refocusing on print, as if clinging to the past, somehow, will make everything okay. C’mon guys, this is the behavior that led the industry to this current fucking mess!!! We should be cutting the other way around! PC Magazine had the right idea.

While this sucks for everybody, I’m particularly sad for my weekly travel column on and I found out yesterday that my column, along with everything else except the main daily offering, “Morning Call,” is being suspended at least until March. A story in the NY Post last week indicated around a dozen layoffs and temporary pay cuts for key executives (only to January),dsc04084 and the mag’s current backer is still financing operations. It could come back, and I hope it does.

I’m not psyched about the situation, and I have my doubts about when the travel column will come back (if at all). So, I’m getting ready to shop it around. If you have any ideas, please send them along.

Until that happens, I have resolved to piss and moan like a little bitch, blaming everyone in the print media world for the loss of my small online column that probably didn’t bring any revenue anyway. If I were young and had boatloads of cash and no responsibilities, maybe I’d dash off and make a douchey lip-sync video at a friend’s house in Cyprus. But, I don’t have that luxury (or, fortunately, friends like that). So, here I am in New York, trying to shed adrenaline so that my jet lag can kick in and eventually run its course.

I like writing about travel, and I really loved my travel column. I didn’t realize how much until the life support was yanked. So, I need to find a new regular travel writing gig. I know they must be out there. I have a hit list and some detailed plans for how to make some shit happen. But, I want a little bit of time to be sad, so fucking let me.

Hey, let’s be realistic. I still have day job, so I’m fine. Also, I have a pieces in the works with several major mags. I’m in a good spot, and I’m planning my next move. There will be one, and it will kick ass.

Photo by Bryce Longton

Photo by Bryce Longton

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