I met the Duke of Argyll

dsc04093No, it’s not a joke name; he’s real. In fact, the Duke is a very pleasant man who just happens to live in a castle … well, technically it’s a palace. Castles are fortified; his is not (despite the many old weapons hanging on display). I got to shake his hand and talk to him for a bit, which was cool, because I’d never met a duke before. Can’t say that any more.

Well, I’m not going to tell you any of the wisecracks I made in private, because that would be horribly inappropriate, particularly since the man let us into his home and was incredibly hospitable. Class act all the way, unlike me.


A duke’s home is his castle, er, palace. This is the one where the duke lives, called Inveraray Castle. It was quite nice. We spent most of the time on the public side, which is something of a museum with a homier feel. But, we also got to peek into some restricted areas. The parts where the duke actually does his living? We respected his privacy, just as anyone would appreciate.


This is the duke’s view. Not bad, eh? It’s good to be the duke!

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