Current Currency

euro-logotypeI will never understand why some countries insist on having their own currency. No, I’m not going to beat up on Canada right now. Even if it is small and only borders us, their economy is clearly developed, and the country does just fine with its crazy pictures of the queen. But, I am confused about Iceland and Sweden. Both make their own cash, as if the fucking Euro isn’t good enough. Even with its recent slide, the Euro has still pounded the shit out of the dollar, especially when you consider that €1 was worth only 50 cents when the currency was first introduce. Now, it’s well over a dollar and has been for several years.Lesson: Bet on Europe, even if they don’t have real work weeks.

Okay, back to my point. Why does Iceland, a country of 300,000 fucking people, bother to print its own money? I mean, fuck, can you imagine walking into Rue 57 and paying with “Manhattan Dollars”?

I can see it now, walking into De La Concha, “Hey, Ron, how much for a bundle of the house toros?”

“Well, Tom,” he’d reply with a question, “is that U.S. dollars or Manhattan dollars?”

“Nah, Icelandic Kroner,” I’d say, and we’d both have a long laugh.

We have a couple million people in my one borough, yet we don’t have our own currency. Why does Iceland bother?

Okay, the situation in Sweden is a bit different. Stockholm has more people than all of Iceland. But, their neighbors to the east, the Finns, use the Euro. They don’t seem to have any beef with betting on a winner. Why are the Swedes so committed to making life difficult for themselves and everyone around them?

The Euro rocks. Period. Everyone in Europe should go on the Euro, and that includes countries that don’t think they’re European, like the Greeks and the Brits. After that, we should invent a new currency, the Useuro, which is part U.S. dollar and part Euro, and all of Europe and North America should go on it. That would be Fucking Awesome.

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