I still hate Icelandair

Might as well get this jotted down while the memory is still fresh. I still hate the only airline that will get you into and out of Iceland. Icelandair announced some major improvements a few weeks ago, so I was cautiously optimistic. After my last experience with this airline, I had to keep my hopes realistic.

That was smart.

Icelandair, one of the oldest operating airlines, announces the launch of a NEW Icelandair, icelandair-planewith a new website, new seats, new interiors, new third cabin and a new outlook for the company!

The only improvement over my June flights was that I had an aisle seat this time … which really has nothing to do with the airline itself. Wait, that’s not entirely true. I was supposed to have aisle seats over the summer, but Icelandair fucked me out of them. This time, I didn’t get fucked.

I still found the planes cramped and was disappointed that meals had to be purchased. For a six-hour flight, the pricks can’t through in a sandwich? That’s just cold.

My flight’s been delayed (immaterial by the time this gets posted, as I’m writing now to post later … because there’s no free wifi in Keflavik), so now I have the chance to get some breakfast. Small favors, right?

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